Ease pain and improve mobility and body function

image-old-man-undergoing-chiropractic-with-toolBeing in pain may be a sign of issues concerning your overall body function. At Catalyst Chiropractic we look at the foundations of how you move and how your spine functions in order to improve your overall health and wellness.

The swifter you act to get a correct diagnosis through thorough (including postural) assessment procedures, together with the right recommendations for care, the more likely it is that pain may be eliminated and your chances of it coming back in the future may be minimised.

Do you recognise any of these:


  • Sharp, acute pain from a specific injury or incident
  • Long standing chronic pain that is with you all the time
  • Sporadic pain that flares up at certain times (such as night pain, pain after sitting for long periods or pain with walking)
  • Pain related conditions such as headaches, migraines, pins and needles