Chiropractic Team that adjusts how they work to your individual needs

image-about-us-spine-2Every body is different. Every person needs a unique level of care and different treatment approach. That’s why the Chiropractic Team at Catalyst Chiropractic is responsive rather than directive.

We talk to you. We listen to what you have to say. We assess your body with care and diligence. Only then do we start recommending the best kind of care and treatment program for you.

Our Chiropractic Team works closely in consultation so you get the benefit of different kinds of experience and a collaborative, professional, patient centred approach.

  • Yes we can do manual adjusting, where you may hear a ‘popping’ sound. It is perfectly safe and if it makes you uncomfortable we will offer an alternative approach.
  • Yes chiropractic is safe for children, babies and pregnant women, in fact it may be highly beneficial for people at all stages of life.
  • Yes we can use lower force techniques and we also talk to you about a variety of other contributing lifestyle factors including posture, exercise, bedding, footwear and more.